About us

Galactica Travels, Inc.

We are in the business of offering comprehensive travel solutions since January 1982. We provide seamless travels management and support in the areas of Airline ticketing, business and leisure travels for both corporate and individual clients. 
Galactica Travels Inc. is a one stop enterprise which has been in the same accessible location for the past 33 years. We offer a complete range of excellent travel related services to all our customers and yet continue to seek improvement and upgrade our products and services. We have a very good working relationship with almost all of the International Airlines operating in the Philippines which enables Galactica Travels to work out special competitive rates.

American Society of Travel Agency

ASTA Member 1989

Philippine IATA Travel Association

PIATA Member 2012

Bank Settlement Plan

BSP Member 1984

International Air Transport Association

IATA Member 1983


Member 1988


Engr. Fouzi



Vice President


Sr. Ticketing & Reservations Officer


Sr. Ticketing & Reservations Officer


Ticketing & Reservations Agent


Reservations Agent


Reservations Agent


Accounting Head

Why Choose Us

Benefits of Working with Galactica Travels

Everything’s on schedule

We love punctuality. That’s why the time of each client’s trip is scheduled till the last second of the adventure

Destination variety


With us, you can reach any point of the world map. Choose your country and we will discuss all needed details.

Comfortable housing


Even if you have a low budget, you can travel to the other side of the world and live there with the most comfortable surroundings.

Hotel Booking


Booking in advance gives the traveler peace of mind that they will have the most comfortable place to stay once they arrive at their destination. It is also a good idea when traveling to a popular tourist destination. Moreover, advance booking will help traveler's to avoid last minute price surge. Our agents offer packages that include breakfast, transportation arrangements to/from the airport and even combined flight and hotel packages. We can also hold the reservation for you if you need time to think about the offer or procure other documents for your destination (e.g. visa).

Food Tourism


We are also organizing multiple culinary travels and food tourism trips. It's much more than just a list of gourmet restaurants and wineries. Think about it. Unique food & beverage products and experiences. If you rarely leave your neighborhood and travel across town to a new neighborhood to go to a special grocery store or to eat out, you're a "food traveler" in your own backyard! The act of traveling is implied because most people travel at least across their own town, if not the region, the country, and even the planet. The distance covered is not as important as the fact that we are always on the move.